Ge barnen kreativ skärmtid

I krönikan Ge barnen kvalitativ skärmtid ger Erika Hallhagen en fin beskrivning av tonårsförälderns digitala fostransmöder och många fina tips. Jag vill gärna addera några aktivitetsförslag på det digitala området som komplement till det nu så hyllade kodandet. Jag tänker på WordPress som ett sätt att göra hemsidor utan att kunna html men där man sannolikt lär sig den del CSS så småningom. Eller Unity3D dår man eventuellt kodar script till spel men framför allt lär sig ett avancerat verktyg för att göra riktiga spel. Eller Algodoo där man verkligen inte behöver koda men konstruerar de mest makalösa manicker. Eller SketchUp för att casdda och visualisera. Listan på verktyg där du utvecklar och får utlopp för din kreativitet kan göras lång.

Det är helt ok att konsumera film och spel och att fladdra runt i de sociala medierna men än mer utvecklande att ta rodret på sin digitala bildningsresa och och styra ut på den digitala oceanen.

What separates the top 10% of startup CEOs from the rest?

Hur är en bra entreprenör?

Answer by Mark Suster:

I wrote a list of my views for my blog, which you can read in detail here with links to each topic: What Attributes Make An Entrepreneur

But the summary is:

1. Tenacity
2. Street Smarts
3. Ability to Adjust
4. Resiliency
5. Inspiration
6. Hard working / disciplined
7. Ability to embrace & tolerated uncertainty / risk
8. Attention to detail
9. Competitiveness
10. Decisiveness
11. Domain knowledge (or ability to go really deep and learn it)
12. Integrity
13. Passion for what are you doing

What separates the top 10% of startup CEOs from the rest?

From the perspective of a CEO, what are the most underrated skills most employees lack?

Var pålitlig. Håll det du lovar och leverera på utsatt tid. Lova inte för mycket.

Då kommer alla att gilla dig.

Answer by A Quora admin:

Two skills are incredibly rare: (1) Doing what you say you will do (be reliable); (2) Keeping track of yourself

Doing what you tell people you will do
If you can teach your kids a useful skill that will always help them with their career: teach them to be reliable — to do what they say they will do.  (It is harder than it sounds.)

If you consistently do what you say you will do, you will almost certainly be someone people desire to have on their teams.  It is so rare that when you work with someone who is reliable, you never ever want to work with anyone else.  You will do anything to keep that person on your team.

Doing what you say you are going to do starts with setting the right expectations.  If you tell someone you will get them the deliverable by Tuesday, you need to understand that it can actually be delivered by Tuesday.  If you are good, you are probably factoring in slack in case someone in corporate slows you down or your child gets sick.

And so if your boss wants something done Monday and you think it cannot be done until Wednesday, you need to be up-front.  Because once a date is agreed to, you’re on the hook for accomplishing it.

On the less-skilled end of the job spectrum, many people cannot commit to showing up to work consistently and on time.  There are many external factors in their life that make even these commitments hard to achieve.

So do everything you can to be reliable — because there are very few people that one can rely on.

Keep track of yourself
The corollary to being reliable is to make sure you manage yourself.

If you can manage all your tasks and deliverables without reminders, you will be treated like the golden child.

If your boss or colleagues never need to remind you about a project, deliverable, an answer to an email, etc., they will be able to take a load off their mind and be allowed to focus on other areas.  And they will appreciate not having to have the uncomfortable conversation with you (”where is that item that was due yesterday?”).

This takes a lot of hard work and organization, but most people can do it.   You don’t need a PhD (or even a college degree) to be on top of everything.  You just need to be organized and prioritize its importance.  Of course, while most people CAN do this, most people DON’T do this — so doing it will be a huge differentiator for you.

The underrated skills
If all you do is be reliable and keep track of yourself, you will be indispensable to any company.

From the perspective of a CEO, what are the most underrated skills most employees lack?

What is the most valuable skill a person can have for their entire life?

Answer by A Quora admin:

Self Discipline : The only skill you require to master any other skills or habits.

I always see people cribbing around saying that they are not that smart or strong to achieve what they want in life. The fact is that with self discipline and perseverance you can acquire any skill .

We all make resolutions throughout the year. Some of us want to get fit and go for a run at 5:00 in the morning while others want to get good at public speaking and networking. The only thing stopping us from completing all these resolutions is ourselves. An inner voice within us stops us from waking up early in the morning or meeting new people. If we have proper self discipline we can suppress this voice and live a life that is defined by our own rules.

I know it is very hard to master self discipline. But if you start today and take small steps you can have the ultimate power to control your mind and body.


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What is the most valuable skill a person can have for their entire life?