How can you learn something if you don’t find it interesting?

Här är en söt berättelse om hur man hittar motivation för något som man verkligen tycker är tråkigt. Jag har själv samma erfarenhet av att det hjälper att nosa runt i utkanterna av ämnet. Läsa sammanfattningar, läsa andra böcker, läsa om tillämpningar av ämnet, idéhistorien, om kända personer som verkat inom området etc.

Tyvärr kom jag inte på det här förrän efter högskolan när jag börjat jobba. Ett av mina bästa råd är alltså att skaffa er motivation genom att lära mer om ämnet på olika sätt. Nu för tiden finns det hur mycket som helst på internet. På min tid (tidigt åttiotal) fanns nästan bara böcker. Å andra sidan har ju ni problemet att ni kan förlora er i allt spännande på nätet. håll fokus när ni nosar runt efter motivation så att det inte blir prokrastinering.

Answer by Shubhang Goswami:

It's actually pretty simple. But requires you to put in time and effort.
Now, let's take a Rahul(very generic Indian name) for example.
Rahul needs to solve the chemistry(generic most hated subject in school) assignment today but whenever he sits down to actually try and study, the bland textbook and the demotivating marks from his weekly assignments keep eating away at his brain. Finally his brain says, "Hey rahul, Its a pathetic subject! Its boring, bland and you know what you are not interested in it, so why not head over to rakesh's place, he has got FIFA and his moms cooking pav-bhaaji for dinner."

It will take a lot more willpower for Rahul to commit to studying chemistry than subjects he "likes".  Decision Fatigue and How to Avoid Bad Choices.
But, rahul with a little bit of self discipline finally sits down and gets his mind to focus. The first thing Rahul does is
Get Motivated: Rahul connects to the internet and starts browsing his chemistry portions. He sees neat Videos on YouTube, he browses through popular Chemistry Blogs, reads magazines on chemistry etc. , to get an overall connection to the topic.

Rahul now feels interested but then he looks at his assignment again, it has asked him difficult questions to solve and he doesn't understand a single bit. He isn't bogged down this time, he knows this feeling, he has been there before.

 He starts small, dissects the first question in the assignment and notices which topic it revolves about. He lists down those topics. Now he opens his textbook- the bland boring pages face him and he asks himself "THIS TOPIC IS HUGE! How am I supposed to start?" Rahul seems stuck. Rahul calls up his uncle, who has always been a productivity expert. He tells uncle Vinod his problems and uncle Vinod calmly replies, "Use what you like where you dislike." and cuts the call. Rahul ponders over this statement his uncle made and something clicks in him. He loves talking to people and also drawing! Why not draw a favourite character and talk to it?

Rahul draws out a stick-man and starts explaining chemistry topics to it. Whenever he gets stuck, he googles, searches his textbook and tries and reason it out with the stick-man who keeps asking questions Rahul himself has about the topic. He gets so involved into the process that by the time he has finished the assignment, it is already morning. He has discovered a new friend- Chemistry, and he loves it. His notes now look similar to this:

These were my notes I made in a subject called Electric Drives and Special Machines (EDSM) in my engineering course-ware. I disliked the subject initially but after putting in some effort and using this method, I topped the branch in this subject and grew to seriously like it. 🙂

Hope this helps.

P.S: No I do not like drawing, I like talking though.

How can you learn something if you don't find it interesting?

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