I am 25 and very lazy. What should I do?

Det här verkar vara bra råd. Jag kan känna igen mig sjäv i delar av beskrivningen och jag tror mig se många av mina elever. Hoppas ni får nytta v tipsen i den här texten från Quora.

Answer by Mateesh Bhave:

I am going to tell you one simple truth. No matter how many motivational videos you watch or self help books you read, it is not going to help you. Not one bit.

For normal people it might work, but for us it will motivate us for an hour hardly and then it all goes away and we are back to square one.
I can say this because I was (or am) very lazy and I had tried literally every-freaking-thing there was to get me out of my comfort zone (which was to sit all day long and browse the internet). Trust me, I was one of the laziest asses in the world lying around Quora all day long. My days were as worthless as my nights. In fact, my nights were more productive than my days because I was as productive as most others during those 8 hours. There were many who claimed to be excellent  procrastinators, but I was their king. My inertia was so high, that I spent days together without doing anything constructive. Yet, if this has worked for a sleeping donkey like me then there’s a great chance that it will work for you too.

There is a very simple solution to do this. First and foremost, it is really important to get some physical activity. You really need to get your ass off from wherever you are sitting or laying right now. I cannot stress this point enough. From your description it seems to me that you tried to go to the gym and it didn’t work out. That’s probably because you yourself don’t enjoy going to the gym but you did it anyway because many others do. Don’t do that now, you’ll not be able to do that. Normal people might consider this as bad advice but I know how it feels to be super lazy, I’ve been there. Instead try to do some other form of exercise you enjoy, like jogging or sports or swimming or something else. Literally anything. Find your most enjoyable (or least objectionable) physical activity and do it. Do it everyday. Do it enough to make you physically exhausted. Your mind cannot perform well if your body is loathing around the house watching cuddly cat videos day in and day out.

Once you start doing something regularly other than browsing the web, both your body and mind will start to loosen up a bit. You will feel more energetic and this will decrease your laziness quotient by some factor. Once your mindset has improved a tad bit, find a few things you enjoy doing or are good at and try to excel at them. If you truly find something you enjoy doing, your mind will automatically take away the rest of the noise. You will gradually stop over thinking about what to do and start doing things.  Don’t think about what you have to do, just do it. Nike has done it, you too can. Don’t do it because you have to do it. Do it because you relish it and see to it that it is not an utter waste of your time.

Another very crucial factor is focus. For us lazy-tards, getting our minds to work at full focus is similar to reaching atop a big mountain. It’s very difficult to get to that point, but once you get there, it’s relatively easy to stay there. Most of your effort should be on getting into the zone. The easiest way to get your mind to focus at a particular thing is by not thinking about absolutely anything. Just give all your attention to one particular thing at a time and forget the rest. Forget that this world exists, or that you have a favourite TV show in 2 hours. Your phone should not be in your room. Your mind should be a clean slate before you start work. Then put your maximum effort to get into the zone because that’s where our biggest hurdle lies. Once you are fully into the zone, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to keep on working for hours together. Our minds are surprisingly obedient if you know how to treat them. You can do some non-distracting activities like drinking water or going to the loo. But don’t login to facebook or quora. If your brain gets even a sniff of any incident or a fun fact, you will quickly lose your focus.

These things should get you off your feet. Once the wheel starts rotating you will not find it difficult to pick up speed. I still get into lazy mode at times, but I know how to get out of it now. Remember, we are not truly lazy, we just have high inertia. Once you start doing things, then it’s not that difficult.

I am 25 and very lazy. What should I do?

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  1. Det är tänkvärt att han lyfter fysisk aktivitet. Det behöver inte vara supersportigt. Laser game, skateboard, bowling. Vad som helst som är kul.


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