What are some of the best skills for the future?

Tänkvärt om framtida arbetsmarknaden!

Answer by Auren Hoffman:

You want to optimize for skills that computers are unlikely to do in the future as it is no fun competing with a computer. 
Of course, it is really hard to predict what computers will be good at in the future, but there are things that are more likely than others and you should stay away from those.  For instance, there seems a good possibility that computers will be pretty good at driving cars, doing accounting, flying planes, understanding radiology, document discovery, and more.  So best to stay away from these fields unless you plan on being one of the best people in these fields (where you become the person helping to write the software for the computers). 
It seems less likely that computers will (at least in the next 50 years) take over sales, creative disciplines, etc.  So if you can choose, you should optimize for something as far away from computers' strength.
One broad skill that will likely be very good to have in any profession is the ability to work well with computers as a team.  If we look at the winners of Freestyle Chess tournaments (where teams of people + computers compete with one another), the teams that win are usually made up of good (but not great) chess players using cheap computer programs that run on normal laptops.  These teams beat the grandmasters + amazing computational computers because the grandmasters are not as adept at working closely with computers. 
If you are going to college now and deciding on the right major that will help you in the future, there are a lot of great choices but I would suggest Philosophy and would not suggest something like accounting. 

What are some of the best skills for the future?

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