What are some real life stories of young entrepreneurs becoming millionaire before the age of 30? Is that goal even possible for most peo…

Jag skulle vilja påstå att det här är något som är högst ovanligt i Sverige. Vi tänker för ofta att det ordnar sig när vi borde ta tag i våra liv.

Answer by Salil Jha:

I can tell you my story. When I was a child I never thought I would ever find a job. One night I wrote a letter to my Dad (I guess I may have been in 5th grade). I wrote, "Papa, please never stop working. I don't think I will ever get a job." My mom and bother asked me to show what I have written. I was so embarrassed that I tore the page. I had to struggle with them to do it. My brother and Mom wanted me to show it to them. It was kind of cute from their perspective that I wrote a letter to Dad. I ended up crying.

Well, this is when I was in Mihijam, a very small town in the eastern part of India. Years later I moved to America at age 21 as a Computer Engineering student. I took a big bank loan to fund my education. My family was not rich and I knew that I am accountable to every single dollar. The success or failure of my American Dream was in my own hands. I learned and accepted early on that I am 100% responsible for my own future success or misery.

I started working part time in College and building relationships with people in positions. I was a regular church goer during my college years. This saved me hundred of dollars and hours by staying out of drinking and partying.

I used to read a lot. I was big time into documentary films. But what really used to motivate me was writing and thinking about starting my own business someday. I used to come up with business ideas and discuss with my friends.

I was looking and I was a hungry young man ready for any challenge. One day, a young man in his mid thirties came with a Business offer and I was in awe. It was like God sent. It turned out to be Amway business. I joined and worked hard at it. At my peak I was almost halfway to Platinumship, the first ladder of Amway success chain. Amway did not work for me and my heart was not in the door-to-door sales, so I started to focus back on writing.

A year later, I started an IT company and was teaching college graduates healthcare and information technology. I also got a high paying job with Dell as Software Quality Advisor. For four years I worked a full time job with Dell and also ran my own side IT business. I made enough money to buy two rental properties back in New Delhi, India for $220K USD during the Indian real estate boom.

Since I carry no debt, I was able to invest heavily in the Stock market. I bought Apple shares when they were below $400 mark per share (before the stock split). I bought Medical Marijuana stocks at $0.09 and later sold at $0.20 a share. I had 60,000 stocks. Those were the days.

Two years fast-forward, I am still working as an Independent Senior Consultant, and I continue to write. Earlier this year, I published my first book "Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems" which surprisingly turned into a decent success. I have two more books coming out later this year. I also offer one-on-one book marketing consultation.

I have no debt, my car is paid off and between my current stock portfolio, real estate investment, monthly rents and other investments, life insurance and savings, my net worth is approximately $1.03M USD (if I liquidate everything).

Having said it all, I also must add that I do not feel accomplished yet. My goals are higher and I am just beginning.

Hope my story provides some hope and direction. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and ask.

Keep working hard where your heart is. The rest will come to you on its own.

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What are some real life stories of young entrepreneurs becoming millionaire before the age of 30? Is that goal even possible for most peo…

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