What are some things I can learn in minutes?

Ett tips om hur du kan använda musik för att lära bättre. Jag har inte prövat själv men det kostar inget att pröva.

Answer by Mohamed Hesham:

Hack your brain to store huge amounts of information with the least effort & time for an easy A+
A simple yet powerful trick provided by a top-ranking college student:
-Before you start studying, pick a familiar old song you haven't listened to for a long time
-listen to the song for a couple of times. Focus on recalling the lyrics/music. This will help stimulate your brain memory.
-Study for not more than 2-4 hours and take breaks (study smart not study hard)
-After you finish studying, listen to the same song again. (use only one song at a time, don't listen to many different ones )
-For bonus effect: try listening to the song before entering the test.This rewires the brain to retain what you studied earlier.
Here is a list of songs that are a decade old to help you get started:

What are some things I can learn in minutes?

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