What are the best practices to overcome procrastination?

Det finns två sidor av att få saker gjorda. Dels det du borde göra och dels det du gör istället. Om du gör något annat än det du borde göra kallas det att prokrastinera. Det händer oss alla ibland men om det händer för ofta finns det skäl att ta tag i det. Här kommer några tips i en en enkel steg för steg-beskrivning. Sammanfattningen lyder – Just do it!

Answer by Nicolas Cole:

I wrote a previous post about this: What are some tricks to prevent laziness and procrastination?

…but in the comments people wanted a more definitive answer as to actionable steps, so, here you go:

Best Practices To Overcome Procrastination

1. Define your goal (what you want to accomplish), write it down.

Example: Goal is to draw a nice picture for you living room of 15 ponies.

2. List out what needs to happen in order for that goal to be accomplished.

Example: Actionable steps, draw 1 pony, then another pony, then another pony, until 15 ponies are achieved.

3. Figure out how much time it will take to complete each action step.

Example: Each pony takes 20 minutes to draw (I’m assuming you’re talented at drawing ponies here) so 20 minutes times 15 ponies = Idk figure it out.  (Jk, 5 hours)

4. Look at your daily schedule and ask yourself, ”Do I have time right now to draw X ponies per day?” 

Example: If you know that you work from 9-5 but you have 2 hours from 8-10 where all you do is watch Netflix, then you could trade out that time for pony drawing time, and since we know that it will take you 5 hours to draw all 15 ponies, then 2.5 days of no-Netflix will allow you to accomplish your goal of drawing that beautiful 15 pony portrait you plan to hang on the wall.

5. Remove distractions.

Example: You know that right when you get home from work, you are braindead.  Fine.  You need some time to get the juices flowing!  No problem.  So you make a snack, you watch a little Law and Order, but come 8pm, BOOM, laptop goes under the bed, phone goes in the bathtub (no water—although the close proximity makes for a dramatic effect), and you sit down to work on those damn ponies.  At first, you don’t really want to, but you’ve blocked off this time so….

BUT!  But you COULD just go grab the Netflix.  REALLY!  YOU COULD!

You slap yourself.  No!  NO, JAMES (or Nancy or Phil, whatever your name is).

You force yourself—drawing the legs first, then the tail, beautiful tail…

You start to get into it!  Oh, drawing ponies is fun!

The 2 hours fly by, you love drawing ponies, boom, you got so much accomplished.

You go to bed.

You wake up the next day.  You do the same thing all over again.  2.5 days later, you have drawn all your ponies.  You have avoided procrastination. Congrats.

Pony drawing complete.

TL;DR – Just do it.

P.S. — I feel like what people here are looking for is a list of things they can do, I’m not really sure, I’m puzzled by the simplicity of this.  I suppose some other things you can do to avoid procrastination would be as follows:

-Turn your phone on silent.
-Turn your computer wifi off.
-Tell your friends to leave you alone so you can get work done.
-Close the door to block out the distractions.
-Go somewhere quiet.

I could go on, but really, it’s all distilling down to the same thing…

TL;DR 2 — Just do it.

What are the best practices to overcome procrastination?

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