What can I do to read more books in short time?

Om hur viktigt det är att läsa.

Answer by A Quora admin:

1. Always have reading material with you.
Paper book, iBook, Kindle, whatever reading app you use….always have them with you. Make sure you can read offline.

I usually have a lot of books in my e-Reader app. I always have different books for different moods.

If you want to find free ebooks, many public libraries will let you sign out ebooks for free. Most people don't know this.
You can also get
Amazon.com: Kindle Unlimited – $9.99/month
Scribd – Read Unlimited Books: – $8.99/month
Oyster– $9.95/month

2. Read whenever you can
Whether it is just 2-3 minutes while you are waiting in line or an hour commute, every minute counts.

We waste a lot of time doing nothing. If you use the time to read instead, you will read a lot. I usually read a book in 2-3 days.

You can always listen to audio books in the car or while working. 

3. Have a reading hour
I am busy. If you want something bad enough, there will be a way to find time for it. Have an airplane mode (stole the term from Noah Kagan). Ignore everything and just read. If Bill Gates has time to read before bed time, you can find time too.

Note: It doesn't have to be an hour. It can be as little as 10-15 minutes a day. If you like, you can increase the time. Stick to it.

4.Learn to read slower.
A lot of people will tell you to learn speed reading. I don't like that strategy. The most important part of reading is not reading itself; it is thinking. Spend enough time to ask yourself great questions about the books and give it some thought.

At the end of the day, the purpose of reading is to acquire new knowledge. Not everything you read will be correct. Not everything you read will answer all your questions. Maybe you will need to read more. It is also important to have an action-oriented attitude. Ask yourself how are you going to apply the knowledge in real life.

It is pointless to read a lot and not apply the knowledge anywhere.
You will waste a lot of time going back and rereading the book if you don't think critically about it from the beginning.

Take your time and read the right way.

5. Learn to not finish a book
If you hate a book, forget it. Your time is too valuable to read bad books. Move on and read a new book.

Maybe in the future, you can come read it again and will like it.

I usually read 5-6 books at the same time.

6. Get Blinkist

This is my favorite new reading app. Its cost is about the same as my Starbucks drink but the value is priceless.

Get the key insights from nonfiction books presented in 15mins each

It is the modern day Cole Notes for non-fiction. If I am too lazy to read or reread a book, this is perfect. A lot of time after reading the Blinkist version, I decided to grab the real book.

Drink one less coffee from Starbucks a month and get a subscription.
Blinkist: Serving curious minds.

They just added audio. Another reason for me to love them more.

A few weeks ago, I just sent my partner on a business trip with a Blinkist reading list. It is as part of our corporate culture to encourage everyone to read more. Blinkist is part of our  KwinMedia Library.

15 minutes a day, 1 Blinkist book, a lot of new knowledge.

What can I do to read more books in short time?

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