What can I start today that will benefit me for a lifetime?

Bra om att utveckla sig själv. Mitt förslag är att du skriver på tankesatt!

Answer by Santhosh Komaraju:

Every week day the time allocation goes something like this:

  • 8 hrs (at work / at school /at business)
  • 8 hrs (sleep)
  • 1 – 2 hrs (commute to work)
  • 1 hr (Dinner, Breakfast, lunch)
  • 1 hr Rest room activities all day long
  • 2 hrs (Miscellaneous activities / Family time )

As  you see whatever life style you are leading, 22 hours are now gone.  From remaining 2 hours, if you take 50% out, which is 1 hour. Dedicate just  this 1 hour completely for yourself. And when I say for yourself,  for  your inner self. No social websites, No internet, No cell phone use, No  Television. Cut out all these and just dedicate this 1 hour completely  for your inner self. Here is what you can do:

  1. Read a book / article.
  2. Write your thoughts or blog about anything you are interested in. I strongly suggest to share your posts regularly with like-minded people or communities as you write new ones to get healthy feedback and at the same time recieve new information. This further would give you a boost to progress towards healthy writing.
  3. If you have any hobby start working on personal home projects.
  4. Write personal journal (just something which indicates your daily experiences, dreams , life goals, ideas – no matter how small they are write it down)
  5. Get involved in some charitable work.
  6. Volunteer on any kind of activity online and offsite which might help anyone.
  7. Watch any documentary which is educational in nature.
  8. Do any kind of spiritual activity – Meditation, Yoga , Pranayama, Prayer etc.
  9. Just sit & Relax and introspect about your life.
  10. Do any physical activity – Exercise, Cardio, Play indoor/outdoor sport (not video games)                           

Most  important thing is that you do this just for yourself without any  expectations. Amazing things can come out with just this 1 hour of total  conscious efforts which you have not imagined prior. Hidden attributes  can come out, Never seen talents can come out from you. All because of  spending just 1 hour of your day's time. What you are doing here is  going deep inside yourself to see what's inside. And once you find it,  you bring it out and spend 1 hr of conscious efforts on it without any  expectations. Leave it to the destiny on what it might become in future.

What can I start today that will benefit me for a lifetime?

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