What does the average YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earn?

Det är lätt att charmeras av ungdomar som spenderar mycket tid på nätet. Vem vet – de kanske blir en framgångsrik youtuber. I detta Quorasvar får vi veta mer om hur Youtubeekonomin fungerar. 20 kronor per 1000 tittare. Ekonomisk succé vid en miljon följare. Men vägen dit är lång och mödosam.

Answer by Ryan Stevens:

There's a website called SocialBlade.
You can easily enter the name of a YouTube channel and see the real estimations.
Generally, on YouTube you make around $1.5 – $4/1,000 views. When you hit 1,000,000 subscribers, at least 10% will go immediately to check out your new uploads.
If the topic is a trending one (such as tech reviews), then even more than 30-40% can go check your videos. What's even more interesting, the more viewers you have, the higher the videos will rank and so you get more exposure, more views, new subscribers, and thus, more money.
YouTube pays from their ads and to receive payment you will need a Google AdSense account, too.
Assuming that 10% of your subscribers check out your videos and assuming that you earn $2/1,000 views, a channel with 1,000,000 subscribers should earn  ~ $200/new video.
Keep in mind that when you have 1 Million subscribers, the growth of the channel is insane. I've been following a guy – MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) since he was a kid. He uploaded nearly 100 before he started to make any money and progress. He worked and worked until he made his fist 100,000 subscribers. From there, things grew fast to 1,000,000 within 1 or 2 years and from there…. within another 2 years he grew to 4,000,000+.
After you hit 1,000,000 subscribers, you will make another 20,000-50,000 each month organically if you upload at least 1-2 videos per week.
The boom in earnings will come from Amazon Associates if you review products (anything that can be bought from Amazon). For instance, tech reviewers (such as MKBHD) make tons of money by reviewing flagship smartphones, tablets, laptops, accessories and then including affiliate links to Amazon.
Think like this – the new iPhone is released – 2,000,000 views and affiliate links to all the versions. He makes $2,000 just from Ads and assuming that 0.1% of viewers purchase the iPhone (which costs $700 – $800 on Amazon) will convert into 2,000 customers, so 2,000 x $800 = $1,600,000 in revenue from which the tech reviewer gets 8% commission = $128,000.
Take a closer look below
I suppose that most of such YouTubers aren't seeking for views, they're seeking for traffic to send them elsewhere (an affiliate link, a blog, an email list, etc.).
The short answer is = between $2,000 and $100,000 / month, depending on what you do and what you record.
If you want to learn more about money, productivity and you have some time to read my 20 page booklet, check out my blog – EntrepreneurEnhanced. It's not the fanciest one (it's at the beginning), but it has lots of useful information. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What does the average YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earn?

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