What effective habits can make people become a top-achiever?

Answer by Dakota Lim:

Top effective habits:

1) keep agreements, promises – your word is gold
2) check in with inner self for truth
3) continue to throw out clutter in all forms
4) constant development of empathy for self and others
5) constant development of skills to discern components of excellence
6) continually dismantling bad habits
7) nourishing and protecting health
8) good sleep habits
9) defining, setting, respecting, defending personal boundaries (self and
10) habits of gratitude, peacefulness, wonder, joy
11) great respect for time
12) rest and recreation
13) study and work in areas that give you joy
14) discern and weed out users, energy vampires, flakes, and energy sappers
15) self-respect and respect for others and the things of others
16) study how you learn, the ways of learning, and how other people learn
17) know your energy needs – introvert? extrovert? fast pace? slow pace?
18) know what foods benefit you and what damages your body and eat
19) develop ways to recognize and deal with stress
20) avoid chemicals in skincare, toothpaste, personal care products and
21) develop a system for organizing your environment, tools, clothing, home
22) enjoyable exercise daily
23) avoid cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine
24) drink high quality water
25) be a good friend and cultivate close friendships and relationships
26) understand the language of contracts
27) understand the energy of how money flows
28) know your strengths and weaknesses
29) know your needs and the needs of people closest to you as well as the
      needs of people you lead
30) brush and floss your teeth regularly

This list can be summed up easily:

Respect yourself and others and constantly make choices that enhance your health, relationships, talents, and well-being (which includes money).

Thank you for the A2A by Yuezhe Tang

What effective habits can make people become a top-achiever?

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