Which is more accurate and reliable: Wikipedia or Quora?

För vilka frågor är Wikipedia bäst och när är Quora bäst? Jag vill gärna tänka att tankesatt kan bli bäst inom sitt område, nämligen hur man ska komma ur sitt databeroende.

Answer by Steven Walling:

The answer to this question depends on type of knowledge you're looking for. For context, I've written more than 200 Wikipedia articles and almost 350 Quora answers, so based on my comparisons between the two:

  • Quora is more reliable and accurate for getting at the truth about subjects that are best understood based on personal experience and expertise. When I want to know what it was like to be in Auschwitz and be a subject of human experimentation, you cannot beat reading accounts by Holocaust survivor Eva Kor. This doesn't just apply to famous people either. When it comes to the details about NASA and International Space Station operations, getting the information direct from someone like NASA engineer/instructor Robert Frost is so much better than a Wikipedia article written based on dry news reports. Quora has real experts writing in so many fields relevant to our lives, from police officers to physicists. This is only going to grow over time as we fill out the diversity of the Quora Topic Network.
  • Wikipedia is better at being reliable for objective facts that can be verified with other sources. On Quora, you are encouraged to use citations and sources, but on Wikipedia it's required. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia's process is weighted heavily toward things that can be confirmed by many published sources as fact.

We can take a relevant example and break this down. Measles is an important topic, due to the 2015 Vaccination Debate and Measles Outbreak in the United States. Quora tells me a lot about issues such as why many parents choose not to vaccinate. Even pretty scientific aspects like What makes measles so contagious? are answered thoughtfully by experts on Quora. However, when I want to know the statistics on regional infection rates, I turn to Wikipedia because it aggregates facts from many reliable sources.

Which is more accurate and reliable: Wikipedia or Quora?

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