Why does my mom strictly prohibit me from gaming?

Den här artikeln har ett roligt upplägg på temat vuxengenerationen har alltid förfasat sig över vad ungdomarna gillar att konsumera. Det är formulerat som ett brev spelaren kan ge till sin mamma.

Why does my mom strictly prohibit me from gaming? by @GAMENaturalst

Answer by Shejan Shuza:

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Dear mother of this household,

Your son or daughter has made it apparent that your medieval ideologies against the gaming hobby is sincerely bothering them internally. Kindly put as ‘Too dramatic’

Gaming is a hobby, which is commonly mistaken as a ‘waste of time’. The act of gaming is an entertainment type, similar to watching movies, watching TV, Facebooking (or social media-ing for that matter), keeping up with your favorite celebrity, listening to music, et cetera (the list can go on for miles).

Now, I know what a gamer-hater thinks, I am a TV-hater. Hence, I know the commonly used anti-(insert hobby here) thoughts and methods to manipulate someone into not gaming. You are a gamer-hater because it is a un-natural act from your generation, and watching TV is a un-natural act in my generation. So let’s go through all the misconceptions that a gamer-hater have and re-assess. (I have done this to TV in my own time, I know the reasons why TV is still popular).

  1. Gaming makes you dumber/more stupid
    You know what else makes you more stupid than gaming?
    Purple drank
    A hallucinogen devised by using prescription/off the counter medicines and whole bunch of Mountain Dew. (All of which can be acquired in most home environments).
    Now, any smart chemistry student would realize that many common medicines are made with chemical formulas, hence realizing that many use the same ones (in this case, prescription cough syrup consisting of Codeine, also used in lower dose painkillers, some of which is off the shelf).

    That student figured this out from STUDYING WAY TOO DAMN hard in the fears of their parents BURNING THEMSELVES IN FREAKIN’ KEROSENE. The student would secretly use this drug to take some edge off from the consistent stress the parents devise.

    What’s the solution? Get the kid off of that textbook, and hand over the controller. Yes, that student may just become a little dumber, may get a 98 instead of that 100 on the test, but the possibilities of the entire process backfiring SIGNIFICANTLY drops. Out with the drank, in with the Mario Kart.

  2. Gaming is bad/too controversial

    Ok, this one pisses me off for one reason, and one reason alone. BECAUSE IT'S BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION BY EVERY GODDAMN MEDIA STATION ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!

    Here is an example of overblown gaming controversy (one that still today pissess me off):
    Online gamer asked to join ISIS
    Now, I want you to watch that news clip (and the description if you like) 3 times.
    The first time, honest attempt, it's a 1 minute 30 second clip of a alleged ISIS recruitment attempt made through the MMO system Roblox.

    The second time, consider that the game is directed to kids under 13, where there was (at the time) no censorship to keep the freedom of speech available to the younger audience and lesser harassment because of it. Seems ok right?

    The third time consider this, how the hell will a ISIS member justify acquiring a new member in a game where most of the populus of the game does not even know the American-Islamic conflicts. How would ‘Kill the infidels’ make sense to someone who does not understand what an ‘infidel’ is. Why would Allah be the force in the name of Jihad to the members, if the recruit does not know what ‘Jihad’ or ‘Allah’ is?

    It was clearly a joke against the recent news (at the time, April 2015) that ISIS would attempt to use outside connections (the internet) to acquire new members FROM SURROUNDING COUNTRIES like Turkey, Iran, Iraq (ISIS is in Iraq, I know, stop complaining), Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

    And what happened, one not-so-informed family in Indiana thought that ISIS attempted to target their son, it was taken to the Homeland Security of Indiana, the gaming industry were laughing their asses off, and nothing ever happened afterward.

    WHAT HAPPENED? All the families of Indiana are scared of ISIS, Gaming was shunned, when in reality no one was really in danger. It was all just fake controversy for that extra click.


  3. There are no big people in gaming, only figs (gamer short for faggots) play games

That is Terry Crews, also known as one of the Old Spice guys from their widely well-recognized commercials.

And that is also Terry Crews, receiving a Gaming PC as a gift from Mass gaming PC extraordinaire JayzTwoCents, (cut off to the right) to play games with his son. A task he himself has been aiming to accomplish for quite some time. He has also stated that secretly he is a die hard gamer. He continues to stream and upload gameplay on Twitch and YouTube respectfully, as well have nice gaming moments with his son, growing a stronger connection between the both of them. (ahem, something you are not doing, and in fact avoiding).

So newly informed mother, please let your child play some games, it for damn sure won’t make him a home-devised druggy, he won’t be affected by any Radical Islamic Terrorist group, and he may get to meet the big man Old Spice, Terry Crews. Stop avoiding something that to you is bad, and let others enjoy it, just because you hate it doesn’t mean others you know do too. In fact, I promise that gaming will actually make you grow closer to your family, and bring more happiness into the household. It does get controversy, so does TV and Facebook. Doesn’t mean that it stops people from playing, same for Walking Dead viewers.

I implore you to let your child play games, and sometimes stick in and play a little yourself. It will really help your child remember you as a better mother and make you a little bit happier on your deathbed.

Best Wishes,
The Gaming Community

Why does my mom strictly prohibit me from gaming?

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